Create A Pooping Area For Your Dog

This is a great idea if you have a spare patch of land in your garden. If your dog can poop in the same place in your garden it will help to reduce those "oops" moments when you realise you've trodden in doggy doo that you forgot to pick up the night before.

This idea is also fab if you have children as you can ensure that the poop is away from the kids play area.

The canine training center recommends finding a small patch of land that your dog can easily move around in to pee and poop, then you will need to remove any flowers, plants, weeds etc and level the ground and then create a 2 inch layer of mulch.

This Mega Mulch is pretty awesome as it's made from coconut fiber and coir chunk blend, all you have to do is add water and watch it grow within 5 minutes. (we've used this stuff in the past and it's great)


Depending on how fast your dog learns this step may only take a few days. The key is to be persistent and always praise your dog when he/she goes potty on the mulch. NEVER tell your dog off for going elsewhere, it is your job to guide them and praise them.

First thing in the morning, take your dog to the designated stop and praise when they have used the spot. If they wonder off to a different part of the garden gently guide them back onto the mulch until they have been.

During the day you will have a general idea of when your dog uses the loo, so again guide them to the pooping patch and within no time they will know what to do.

We'd love to hear from you if you have tried this.

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