Pet Hair Removal Hacks You Need To Know About

Let's face it, removing pet hair is an absolute bugger, esepcially if you have more than one pet.

Everytime i put on my black trousers on my cat is guarenteed to come swishing her body up against me and leaves me with some very hairy legs. This can be a right nuisance but we love our animals so much right that we just can't get annoyed. 

Thankfully there ARE some super cool hacks that will make your life that bit easier when it comes to removing pet hair.

Tip 1

This is a great hack for removing pet hair from carpets and beds. Simply put on a pair of rubber gloves and wipe your hand across the surface, you will be surprised at how effective this method is.

Tip 2

This one works great for collecting pet hair out of your car, before vaccuming glide a pumice stone over the materialed areas to gather the hair.

Tip 3

Use a squeegee to remove stubborn pet hair off carpets. You can pick a cheap squeegee up for as little as $1 or buy a fancy squeegee but any will work just fine.

Tip 4

You can't go wrong with a set of Lint Rollers, it's not the first time i've carried these in my handbag when visiting a friend with a very fluffy dog. They are perfect and if your guests get a little hairy you can give them a quick roll before they head home.


Tip 5

By keeping on top of your pets grooming, this can drastically reduce pet hair floating around the house. You can pick up a fur de-shedder like this one for under $20 on Amazon

Do you have any other great idea's and tips on how to remove pesky pet hair?

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