Quick DIY Treats For Your Cat

Normally it's the DIY dog treats that we find are popular but we've found some great recipes for DIY cat treats and these ones from wonderforest are our favourite. 


You Will Need
Ice cube tray
Can of tuna
Some water 1/2 cup
A mixing bowl or Magic Bullet << The magic bullet is a cheap yet powerful blender
A ziploc bag
Simply place all ingredients into a bowl or blender, don't drain the water from the tuna as it will help with the freezing process. Blend it up until smooth and place the mixture into a ziploc bag, now cut off a corner from the bag and squeeze into the ice cube tray sections. By using the ziploc bag method this will keep mess to a minimum.
Freeze for a few hours and take out for your pet to enjoy. These make great summer time treats when you pet is feeling a little warm.

Share with us if you made these treats, we'd love to see pics of your pet enjoying them.


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