10 Best Fabric Dog Crates

Dog crates come in a huge variety of sizes and styles and can be made from a range of materials. When you picture a dog crate you might think of the classic metal dog crate which kind of looks intimidating with the metal bars, they don’t exactly look very friendly and look more like a mini prison cell. Some people will absolutely swear by these crates though and they do make a great choice for strong dogs or dogs who love the chew.

Fabric dog crates are becoming extremely popular with owners as they have great qualities such as being super lightweight and easy to carry around making them very portable which is great for the elderly or those who have trouble lifting heavy objects. A fabric dog crate can also be stored quickly and easily when not in use which makes it great if you are short on space. They have a soft interior compared to a metal crate so when your dog leans on the side they will be leaning against the comfortable fabric instead of metal bars.

Owners will purchase a dog crate for many different reasons such as keeping a new pup safe and secure at night. A new puppy will absolutely want to explore their surroundings and who knows what mischief they might get up to, so a crate gives them a safe place to sleep so you can still get your all important sleep. 

Another reason for a crate is to keep your hyper, mischievous or maybe angry/anxious dog locked away whilst you have visitors over, it allows them to feel comfortable in their own space and also reassures your guests that they are safe too.

Travelling on the road can be pretty daunting for your dog especially if it’s a long trip, so a crate is going to keep them safe in the back of the car. This is the best option for those dogs who can’t keep still and love the bounce around the car while you’re driving.

What To Consider When Buying A Fabric Dog Crate

When purchasing a fabric dog crate, your dogs comfort needs to be at the top of your list so it’s vital that you choose a crate with plenty of space for your dog to stand up, lie down, turn around and spread out when sleeping. If you don’t know what size you need simply get a tape measure and record your dogs length when they are fully spread out. It’s always better to get a bigger cage than a smaller one.

Each fabric dog crate is designed differently, some may have 1 zipped door and others may have 3 zipped doors. If you are just using this crate for the car then maybe 1 door is all you need but if you intend  for your dog to use this crate during the days and nights etc more than 1 door would be beneficial.

Some crates come complete with a mat for your dog to lie on and others come without. If you prefer to put your own comfortable bedding in their then it might be best to choose one without any mats or bedding included.

Some fabric dog crates are completely collapsible for easy transportation or storage and some have a solid sturdy design so you can’t collapse them. If you want to use a crate for just travelling and vet trips etc then a collapsible crate would be a great choice.

Premium Folding Portable Soft Dog Crate

This popular dog crate comes in a variety of colours and sizes so no matter what your style and size of pup you fill find the best one for you. A handle on top makes it easy for you to transport your pet safely and securely.

The soft sided carrier crate collapses down so you can store this quickly and easily. It’s made from a durable polyester material and is well ventilated with screened panels so your dog will be able to keep a look out.

A plush fleece pet bed is included for your pets comfort whilst out on the road. A pocket on the side allows you to store your pets essential items such as treats, toys and more.

Soft-Sided Pet Carrier for Dogs

This folding fabric crate is not only practical but it’s very stylish too. It is made using a quality 600D Oxford material that is lightweight and also breathable. The mesh windows allow plenty of fresh air to circulate and they let your dog see what’s going on.

The quick assembly allows you to get this crate out at a moments notice all ready for your pet to go in. 

The carrying straps allow you to carry your dog safely and securely from the car etc and pockets let you store all of your dogs goodies and treats away.

Dog House Large Soft Fabric for Medium to Large Dogs

This spacious dog crate has many great reviews and is super easy to fold away. It has two doors and a top entrance so your dog isn’t confined to just one entrance. 

The fleece mat is removable and the soft washable pad allows you to keep it fresh and clean at all times.

The ventilation is great as there are several mesh windows which ensure good air circulation at all times.

Customers have noted this is also good for 2 smaller dogs that don’t like to be separated. 

Travel Pet Home, Indoor and Outdoor Crate

This quality made fabric crate will ensure that your dog is kept safe and secure whether that’s during the night or during a long journey.

No tools are needed to setup as the screw in design means that you will have a fully functioning crate within minutes.

It’s folds away easily and the collapsible design is lightweight and sturdy which makes it great for travel. There are two doors and also a top entrance so it’s easy to reach your pooch.

Lightweight Soft Fabric Crate Soft-Sided

This fabric pet crate is made from a durable cloth and a rigid frame that will provide your dog with a safe area to sleep, either in your home or in the car. It’s easy to carry as the handle on top gives the owner great support and confidence.

The front mesh door can be folded up so your pet has full access in and out of the crate. The mesh windows provide excellent ventilation and windows can be rolled down if needed to cover the mesh sides.

You can fold this crate away within minutes and store it away ready for the next time you need to use it.

8 Panel Portable Puppy Dog Pen

For something a little different, this 8 panel crate offers your pup a generous space to play and sleep.

It comes in 2 sizes and is also available in an attractive grey colour too.

This is a great crate for keeping puppies as they have plenty of room and the zip mesh on top allows you to pick up your pups without them escaping through the front door. Each panel has a mesh window so your dog can see out.

There are two roll up mesh doors so your pup can have easy access at all times and it allows you to interact easily with them.

You can store your pets treats and goodies in the two convenient pockets on the side.

Pet Crate Foldable Cage Soft Fabric

This dog crate is not only attractive but it’s also super comfy for your dog too. It provides them with a cosy mobile home which is great for transporting them either on holiday or out and about.

To fold this fabric dog crate away couldn’t be easy, it is designed with a clever twist action just like a pop up tent.

Three mesh doors allow your pet to see out and a large pocket on the back is great for storing those yummy goodies.

Petsfit Lightweight Foldable Soft Dog Crate

This durable fabric dog crate makes a great choice for small and medium dogs. 

It’s stylish design and durable material means this is a great choice for transporting your pet in comfort.

A soft fleece mat is also included and is suitable for spot washing.

Folding Dog Cat Puppy Travel

This vibrant dog crate comes in a variety of colours to choose from which makes it great if you need a crate that will stand out from the crowd.

This affordable fabric crate has 4 mesh windows that can be rolled up so your dog has full access and great air circulation.

A faux sheepskin bed is included so your dog has somewhere cosy and warm to lie down.

Cheeko Easy Up Fabric Kennel

This lightweight and portable crate is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use so it’s a great choice if you are camping etc and need somewhere to keep your pet safe. This crate is designed with anchor straps which you can use to secure into the ground.

It can be setup and taken down within minutes and when you don’t need it simply store it away until next time.

It’s made from a tough weather resistant fabric which gives that added protection and security.

The inside is super comfy for your dog and the mesh windows allow him/her to keep a look out.

Fabric Crate Final Thoughts

Overall a fabric crate a is great option if you need a space to keep them safe and secure for whatever reason.

Fabric crates can be set up and fold away within seconds so you have more time on your hands.

Although they are suitable for most pups please remember if your pup is a chewer or a large aggressive dog, then a metal dog crate is going to be the best option as it offers a lot more protection and safety.

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