DIY Hamster Maze

It's reported that around 100,000 families in the USA own a hamster

Here's a great rainy day activity that the whole family can get involved with, have a go at creating an awesome maze for your Hamster, or compete against your family to see who can make the best one.

It makes me sad to think that many people who own Hamsters tend to just keep them in their cages and only let them come out when it's time to clean the cage. 

When i had my fluffy Hamster "Bear" i would let him out everyday, he would love to climb the stairs which was great exercise and i'd also make funky mazes like this one in the video with a great treat at the end.

Go ahead and get to know your Hamster, give him/her toys and mini tasks that will exercise their minds.

Let us know if you had a go at making this maze, share your photo below in the comments. Let's inspire eachother and see who can make the greatest Hamster maze.

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