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A Spacious 3 Tier Indoor Cage For Your Small Pet

If you are thinking of getting a small pet such as a Rabbit, Chinchilla, Rat etc then it’s important to make sure that you purchase a spacious cage so they can exercise and roam around comfortably and freely. 

It’s also essential that your pet has a safe space to exercise outside of the cage too, this is also beneficial for when you are doing a full clean of your pets cage. There are many products on the market and a popular choice is a foldable play pen so your pet is safe and can explore a new environment.

Unfortunately a lot of pet owners buy cages that are far too small for their pet and this leads to a very bored and frustrated pet who is going to start chewing the bars and they may become very agitated.

#1 Cozy Pet 3-Tier Indoor Rabbit Cage

This complete kit includes a cage with house, bowl, 3 x hay racks, raps and also a water bottle. There is easy access with 4 doors which also makes this cage really easy to clean out.

To keep your small pet happy and entertained you can add a variety of toys and hanging treats which will keep their little minds busy.

Internal tray floor area (Per Tray): W 89 x D 44 cm 

Height:  113.5cm

Width: 100cm

Depth: 54cm

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