10 Finest Michur Leather Dog Collars

Michur are a German company who pride themselves on producing only the finest quality products for your pet. From pet beds to dog collars, each product is made to a very high standard.

You will be amazed at the selection of luxurious leather dog collars which are absolutely stunning and made to a very high standard.

If you’re after a quality collar that will last for years then make sure you choose a Michur leather collar.

MICHUR Goldeneye Dog Collar Leather

This leather collar is a true beauty and will look absolutely stunning on your dog.

Each collar is handmade with love and care which gives you a one of a kind product.

Michur Felipe Dog Collar Leather

This handmade leather dog collar is great for those who like to keep things classy yet stylish.

The detailing makes this leather dog collar look like a wood carving masterpiece.

Michur Alonzo Dog Collar Wide

For those who have a slight rebellious side, this dog collar sure makes a statement.

The gorgeous sea blue pearls stand out against the black collar.

Michur Flora Dog Collar

A masterpiece in itself, the detailing in this dog collar is amazing.

It's strong yet soft making it durable and comfortable for your dog to wear.

MICHUR Halona Dog Collar Leather

This is truly a gorgeous collar that's made to perfection. Your dog is going to look stunning wearing this unique leather dog collar.

It's made from a lovely brown leather with beautiful Indian applications.

MICHUR Jose Dog Collar Leather

For those who love to make a fashion statement, this collar is going to tick all of those boxes.

It will look great against any colour of fur and the navy pearls complete this stylish collar.

MICHUR Luis dog collar leather

This collar has hints of baby blue and brown which give a vintage look that's unique and personal.

Available in a variety of sizes, you will be sure to find the correct size for your dog.

MICHUR Luna Dog Collar Leather

The detail and shading on this collar is beautiful, it's made to a high standard and is very comfortable for your dog to wear.

You can almost see how comfy the inside of this collar is just from looking at the image.

Michur Maria Beige leather collar

All Michur dog collars are hand crafted and that's what makes them so special and unique, just like this Michur Maria Beige leather collar.

Treat your dog to a collar that no-one else has.

MICHUR Joris Dog Collar Leather

The hand work that has gone into this collar is amazing, the small studs add to the detail and really complete this masterpiece.

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