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10 Unqiue Fish Tanks To Wow Your Friends

Fish tanks don’t have to be basic and boring you can really make them into a piece of art, and everyones fish tank decor has a unique story to tell.

If you’ve ever seen the latest programme Tanked then you know just how mind blowing some of the designs can be, they go above and beyond any design you could imagine.

The selection of fish tanks are chosen to inspire and wow your friends and guests.

Tetra Cascade Globe Black

This fish tank is a great choice if you only have a small space to work with. It looks stylish and modern and you can make a great little home for your fish.

It is designed for easy use and convenience which makes it suitable for those who have a busy lifestyle yet still want a fish tank in their life.

There is also a built in filter to keep the water clean.

SuperFish Home 25 Litre Aquarium

This unusual design of fish tank is great for all homes whether you live in an apartment or house it will look great in any room.

There is a choice of a two Colour LED Sunrise Lighting, White and Blue. The finger touch operation means it's simple and easy to use with a dimmable light.

It includes a SuperFish Internal Filter Aqua-Flow 100 and the filter Chamber to Accommodate Optional Combi Heater.

biOrb Classic 15L Aquarium

This funky 15 L fish tank will look great on any space and will suit all styles of home.

You can create a special place for your fish to live.

It's really easy to install and you will have it all set up in just a few simple steps. As well as being easy to set up it's super easy to clean and take care of with thanks to a patented filter system.

Safe 12 volt technology and durable and energy-efficient LED standard light unit

biOrb Flow 30L Aquarium

If you like modern designs then this fish tank will suit your style.

A selection of pretty stones and flowing plants alongside your fish will look great on any surface in your home.

It's super easy to maintain and clean which also makes it great for first time fish tank buyers.

The complete set consists of acrylic aquarium, light unit, pump, transformer, air stone, filter cartridge and ceramic media.

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