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5 Activity Centres For Your Crazy Cat

We all love to treat our beloved cats to something that they are going to adore and these activity centres are going to send them into a mad half hour.

Just like humans, it’s so important for your cat to get their daily exercise, especially if you have indoor cats. Exercise can help your cat to have a healthy and longer life along with a healthy diet too.

These activity centres are designed with your cats natural instincts in mind so from the tall climbing trees to the hide away holes your cat will be entertained for hours and you and your family will love watching them play too.

Super Deluxe Tower Cat Activity Centre

There are five different levels on this activity centre with a variety of dangly pom-poms, a dangly rope for them to scratch away at, several scratching posts, a comfy hidey hole to rest or sleep in, three plush areas, two tunnels and a hammock to relax on!

The great thing about this cat activity centre is that it has so many different combinations so everyday you could change how this play area looks which will definitely intrigue your feline friend.

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