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5 Super Safe Dog Bike Baskets

Riding round town with your dog is a great way you and your furry friend can hit the road together whilst getting some fresh air.

These dog bike baskets ensure that your dog is safe and comfortable whilst out on the road with you.

Take a look at the selection of baskets below and keep in mind the different features that each one offer such as extra storage pockets or whether the basket has a dome to prevent your pooch from jumping overboard.

Docooler Bicycle Bike

This canvas basket is a great choice for your pup to cruise around town. The sturdy aluminium alloy frame and super durable basket ensures a safe ride.

A clever and unique feature of this basket is that it can be removed and be used as a handbag providing a lot of space for shopping.

  • An adjustable closure system is wonderful for increasing the basket capacity.

Trixie Front-Box For Bicycles

Trixie have made a high quality pet basket that is made of hard-wearing polyester and is easily and safely fixed onto your bike to provide the best ride for your pet.

This basket can also be used as a carrier due to fully adjustable shoulder strap and has a padded rim for maximum comfort.

No need to worry about storage as Trixie has you covered, with two side pockets with zipper and one front pocket with Velcro you have plenty of room for those goodies.

The integrated short leash prevents your dog from  jumping out and the reflective piping allows you to be seen during the dark.

Petsfit Bicycle Pet Carrier

You can tell how cosy and comfy this pet carrier is just from looking at the image. This carrier has a padded bottom fleece mat so your pet can travel in pure comfort.

  • It is suitable for small animals weighing up to 4kg and converts easily into a transport bag making it a great choice for any vet trips.
  • A short leash is included in the basket that can be attached to your pets collar to prevent them from escaping. 

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