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5 Trendy Pet Cones That Don’t Look Like Lampshades 

Let’s face it, your typical pet cone aka “lampshade” can look very unattractive and must be uncomfortable when your pet is trying to get to sleep. You want your beloved pet to be protected from their scar/injury so they can’t lick or bite the affected area but you want them to be as comfy as possible. 

Take a look at the selection of unique cones that are not only affordable but they are comfy for your pet which is the main priority. 

1. The Comfy Cone

It's what every dog deserves, this cones cushions your dogs head as they lay down to sleep. 

The comfy cone is comfortable, washable and most importantly flexible.

2. Buster Inflatable Collar

This collar is comfortable and also scratch resistant. Compared to a standard plastic cone allows your dog to see more which will help with any stress and anxiety.

3. KOBWA Comfortable Inflatable Pet Protection

This collar allows your pet to sleep in comfort and it doesn't interfere with their vision, eating or resting unlike your typical "lampshade" cone.

4. DELIFUR Dog Cone Collar

This comfy collar is made from soft nylon which will help to keep your dog comfy during their healing time. They can lay their head in any position for some well deserved rest.

The Velcro closure designs enables you to find the perfect fit for your dog.

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