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7 Ways Your Dog Can Relax With Lavender

Lavender is one of the most popular essential oils used in the world because of it’s calming proprieties and it’s safe for humans, babies and pets too.

Sometimes your dog might become anxious and whether there’s a reason or not, for example fireworks, separation anxiety etc, the power of lavender can help to decrease your dogs anxiety and calm them down.

If you have an anxious dog that could do with a little calming then here are 10 ways that you can incorporate lavender into their life.

#1 Calm Balm For Dogs

Calm Balm is a natural product that is lick-safe, drug free and chemical free. It's also cruelty free and made from the highest quality skincare ingredients along with a blend of premium essential oils.

Simply massage a little of this Calm Balm onto your pets skin, they will probably enjoy the massage too!

The aroma and healing properties of lavender will help to calm and unwind them so they can settle down and relax.

#6 The Dog Doctors Calming Lavender Diffuser

If your dog needs some serious relaxation then these lavender diffusers might just be what you need. They are trusted and used by vets and dog behaviourists and have excellent reviews.

This product is easy to use and can be left plugged in to provide constant anxiety relief for your pet.

Lavender will be gently diffused in your room and you can leave these plugged into provide constant anxiety relief for your pet

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