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A Large Pet Crate For Safe And Secure Travelling

When it comes to travelling with your pet you want to make sure that the main priority is their safety and comfort and this Ferplast Atlas 100 Car Crate is going to tick all of your boxes.

It makes the ideal travel system for your dog as it has been specially designed to fit into most cars making life a little easier for you too.

These crates all come with a hygienic draining mat so if your pet has any accidents on their travels you can clean it up quickly, easily and hygienically. The internal ventilation grills not only ensure a good air supply but also allow your pet to see what is happening so their anxiety may be eased. If you do have a nervous dog when travelling why not take a look at the ways in which Lavender can help to calm your anxious pet.

#1 A Safe Crate For Your Pet When Travelling

A bi-directional sliding door can function is opposite directions and for maximum safety it is complete with a strong safety catch.

Before buying the crate please ensure to take measurements because in the create your dog should be able to sit, stand at full height, turn around, stretch out and lie down in a natural position.

Overall Dimensions: approx. W100 x D60 x H66cmTop Dimensions: L70 x D40cmBase to bottom of gate: approx. 17cm

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