A Multi Level Cat Roller Toy Will Entertain Your Cat For Hours

If your cat loves to play then they are just going to have a great time playing with this multi level cat roller toy as it will stimulate their natural instincts to hide and pounce on prey.

This simple yet attractive toy is sure to make your cat go bonkers as they whack and chase and wonder where the balls have dissapeared to. The best thing is if you have more than one cat they can all get involved!

The cat roller toy will be sure to help keep your cat active which will have great benefits on their health meaning you will have a happier and more content kitty.

3 Level Cat Roller Toy

This toy will not disappoint you either as you spend hours watching your cat go crazy. The anti skid base will prevent any slip and slides so you can place this on a laminate floor and it won't budge.

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