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Beautiful Necklaces For All Animal Lovers

There’s no better way than showing your love for animals than with a beautiful necklace.

Whether you are after a gift for your friend or you want something personal to remember your beloved pet then take a look at this selection of adorable necklaces that you won’t be able to resist.

1. Paw Print Lover Floating Charms

This beautiful necklace is complete with adorable floating charms including a dog, bone and paw print.

The clear rhinestones encrusted around the edge of the heart make this necklace stand out and give it some bling.

2. Silver Pet Paw Print Heart

This necklace makes a great gift for any pet lover and any occasion whether it's a celebration or a gift of love.

Keep your pet close to your heart at all times, this necklace will compliment any outfit too.

3. Love Heart Pendant Necklace with Gift Box

This sterling silver love heart with a beautiful paw print and encrusted crystals stands out from the crowd.

It comes packaged in a gift box which makes the best present for anyone who wants to keep their pet close to their heart.

4. “Puppy Love”Dog Paw Pendant Necklace

This gorgeous blue paw print necklace is unique and stylish, it makes the perfect gift for those who love their pet and want a paw print close to their hearts.

5. All My Children Have Paws Pendant

This adorable pendant will put a smile on anyones face who owns a pet. Wear the message close to your heart and show your love for your pets.

6. Puppy Dog Paw Infinity Pendant

Show your love for your pet with the unique infinity paw necklace. It makes a lovely gift for those who have pets.

7. London Dog Paw Necklace

This simple but cute paw print pendant will suit any outfit or style. Keep a reminder of your pet close to your heart.

Complete with a free elegant gift box so you can make this a cute gift.

8. Opal Dog Paw Print Necklace

Here's something a little different that makes a cute gift. This stunning opal necklace will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

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