Beef Flavoured Toothpaste And Rubber Brush For Your Dog

It can be hard to clean your dogs teeth especially if they don’t co-operate or see it as a game every time you go near them with a brush.

It’s also important to keep dental hygiene on top form, as just like humans, dogs can develop dental problems like cavities and diseases too.

This rubber toothbrush is a great way to encourage your dog to keep their nashers clean. Simply apply the tasty beef flavoured toothpaste on to the rubber brush and watch your dog chew and gnaw at the brush.

Rubber Toothbrush For Dogs With Beef Toothpaste

This rubber dog toothbrush is comfortable on your dogs gums as they chew, the brush can be used to massage their gums too, puppies will adore this feature.

It's easy for your dog to use as the bottom acts as a paw base so your dog gets a good grip of this brush.

Your dog will absolutely fall in love with this toothbrush.

Eco Friendly Dog Toothbrush

The eco-friendly, rubber dog toothbrush is totally safe for your dog as it's made of natural rubber with a creamy flavour which is non-toxic.

The durable material can withstand a lot of use so it will last longer.

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