Clever Ways To Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

Summer is a great time for us humans, but for our furry legged friends it can be a struggle, especially when it hits those late 20’s or 30’s so it’s super important that your dog is able to keep cool.

You can help your dog to keep cool by supplying them with cool fresh water and also brushing/trimming their coats to get rid of any excess fur and always ensuring that they have a cool shady spot where they can hang out.

Fortunately there are some great gadgets on the market too which help to keep your pooch cool during those hot days.

Cool Companion Ultimate Pet Cooling Pad, Dog & Cat Portable Cooling Mats

From small to large, these cooling mats are a really great idea, they are activated by weight and pressure, the pad will be cooler than surrounding temperature for up to 3-4 hours of constant use.

Ruffwear Cooling Vest for Dogs

This cooling vest can really help your dog in those hot months, especially larger dogs that struggle more in the heat.

Simply wet the vest and wring it out, it has a 3 layer construction for effective wicking, absorption and cooling.

Ice Bandana

The chill out Ice Bandana can be a great way to keep your dog cool. 

The Chill Out Ice Bandana absorbs cool water when placed in it, which helps cool your dog's entire body on sunny days.

SlowTon Pet Dog Chew Toy

This freezable chew toy is a great way to help keep your dog cool this summer, it can also help with teething too.

Ancol Cooling Dog Vest Coat

With great reviews this cooling jacket really works to help your dog during the summer.

It retains moisture for hours and is quickly re-activated.

Metro 2-Speed Dog Crate Fan

This fan is a fantastic idea for clipping onto crates, it ensures that your dog is kept cool.

You can clip it in front of your dog's favourite place to sleep too. They will be very grateful for this fan!

Be Cool Solutions – 70% Reflective Aluminet Shade Cloth

This shade cloth is an awesome way to keep your dogs crate cool.

  • The fabric reflects out unwanted heat, radiation, and light, does not absorb any heat itself and allows airflow. It can be used on rabbit hutches too.

PawHut Pet Cat Dog Swimming Pool

A paddling pool is one of the best possible ways you can help to keep your dog cool and happy.

Fill it with cold water and also ice cubes and watch them have the time of their life splashing around.

This is a must!

PetSol Dog Cooling Collar

Unlike a pet cooling mat, this collar enables your dog to keep cool on their travels.

All you need to do is refrigerate the cooling collar in order to keep your pet cool for hours.

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