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Create An Underwater Masterpiece With This Aquarium

Whether you are a beginner, eager to explore and experiment with creating an aquarium fit for only the best or you are an advanced expert then this Aquatlantis aquarium set is going to be perfect for you.

Create a spectacular place for your fish with a selection of the finest plants and aquarium ornaments.

This functional set is available in black or white so whatever your decor may be then you can have the right tank to fit in with your style. The modern design has a stylish frosted glass back panel and this fully-equipped aquarium with base unit has shelves to display your ornaments and a cupboard for those fishy essentials.

Aquatlantis Aquarium In Black

This Aqualantis aquarium features economical and powerful LED lighting as well as an efficient filter system including water pump and heating so your fish and plants have the best quality of life.

The 365 litre capacity means that there is an abundance of space for you to create your Aquatlantis underwater masterpiece. The practical lid folds open from front to back and also has a handy feeding flap for quick and easy feeding.

Aquatlantis Aquarium In White

For a safe and hygienic aquatic environment the filter system features four different replaceable cartridges and a pump with flow regulator.
The filter BIOBOX®2 guarantees complete cleaning and filtering of all dangerous residues. It is easy to install, maintain and care for, with 4 efficient replacable filter cartridges:

EasyBox Fibre L: efficient front filter for catching dirt particles
EasyBox Abrasive Sponge L: promotes intensive decomposition of pollutants
EasyBox Aquaclay S: provides optimum conditions for the colonisation of good bacteria
EasyBox Activated Active Carbon S: removes organic waste, bad smells and toxins

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