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Feeling Festive Dog Collars For A Christmas To Remember

It’s Christmas again and it’s time to celebrate in style and that includes your dog too. As you put on your Christmas jumpers and festive hats and accessories, your dog can join in too with these xmas style collars.

These adorable collars make the perfect little stocking filler for your dog and they can be put away and used every Christmas. 

Make this Christmas special for your pooch and don’t forget to take those family photo’s with your dog wearing their new christmassy collar!

The festive characters can be taken off the collar and put back on again.

Holly Dog Collar

If you think of holly when you picture Christmas, this collar is definitely the one for your dog.

Whether you and your dog have a special Christmas party to attend or you have the family round on Christmas Day, this collar is going to give your dog some serious style, plus, everyone will be talking about it!

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