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How To Give Your Dog A Pill

It’s that dreaded time again, you’ve just realised that you need to give your dog their pill and the thought of doing so makes you feel anxious.

Well, there’s no need to worry, we’re going to share some tips on how to make pill time easier so both you and your dog can have a better experience. Please be patient and remember force-pilling is an absolute resort! You do not want to stress your pooch out.

The most common trick in the book is to hide the pill in a piece of food but remember to plan this one wisely.

If you can wait until your dog is peckish, that way they are more likely to eat the pill on the first try.

Make your dog work for the treat, start off by throwing small bits of food to get your dog used to the idea then when you feel confident toss them the piece of food with the pill hidden inside.

Choose your dogs favourite food, whether you have to stuff it into a piece of fish or cheese then the end result will be worth it.

#2 Gel Caps – Additive Free

Some pills can be quite bitter and even though you’ve hidden it in a piece of lovely smelling cheese, your dog’s sensitive taste buds may pick up on the bitter taste resulting in him spitting it back out. To help this problem try hiding the pill in a small gel cap, moisture can make gel caps sticky so lubricate it beforehand as much as you can.

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