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Now You Can Spy On Your Pets While You’re At Work

Leaving a pet at home can be a little worrying, especially if you have to be away for longer than normal or if your pet suffers from separation anxiety. A lot of people feel guilty about leaving their pet because they don’t know how they are coping but thanks to technology, things just got better!

Now, if you’re out and feel worried at any point you can just check in on your pet via your smart phone which is linked up to a camera. These pet cameras allow you have peace of mind when your away and you can see what they’re up to, some are also very stylish and you won’t even notice it blend into your decor.

These cameras may also be useful as you can monitor your pets behaviour while your away and it may make you realise that changes could be made. For example, you may not have realised that the reason your dog is chewing the sofa is because they are bored, in that case you can supply your dogs with more toys and activities whilst you are out.

You may learn that your dog jumps up on the kitchen counter when you’re out so you may need to close the kitchen door or buy a baby gate or your pet might just make you laugh with some of the sneaky things that they are getting away with whilst your out. You could also see how excited they get when they hear you return.

#1 The Furbo

The best part about this product is it's ability to toss treats which is done via the app, over 100 pieces can fit into the Furbo.

1080p Camera & Night Vision allows you to see your beloved pet throughout any time of the day or night.

The app will alert you if it hears barking and the most amazing thing is, you can talk to your dog to calm them down!

This is a seriously cool gadget which is at the higher end but totally worth it if you want quality and peace of mind.

#2 The Pawbo

The Pawbo features a 4x digital zoom so you can capture every moment and the built in microphone allows you to talk to your pet at any time.

Get interactive and use the LED laser game to play with your pet and after a round of games you can dispense your pet a treat for being so good.

#5 IP Wireless Security Camera

This funky camera is very affordable and connects to your smartphone which allows you instant access to view your pet.

The powerful night vision camera allows you to see up to 10-15m in the dark which is very useful, especially if you have a big house. If motion is sensed you will be alerted by a push notification, if your pet appears to be unsettled you can talk to them thanks to the two way audio.

The best thing about this product is that it doesn't even look like a camera, it just looks like a funky dog home decor piece.

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