Cat Mate Is The Water Fountain For Your Cat

Just like us humans, it’s vital that your pet stays hydrated and obviously you can’t tell your cat to make sure that they drink plenty of water but you can have fresh water on offer all the time for them. Staying hydrated is essential for your pets health especially during those summer months.

The Cat Mate water fountain has been designed to encourage your cat (or dog) to drink plenty of fresh water. 

#1 Cat Mate Water Fountain

The Cat Mate water fountain is very popular and has fantastic reviews from lots of happy customers that mention just how quiet this fountain is when in operation and the multi height drinking levels maximises the appeal for drinking.

The water pump has a low voltage power supply to ensure safety with a low power consumption of just 2 Watts so you will hardly notice it on your electric bill making it great for those on a budget.

#2 Provide Fresh Water For Your Pet

The whole unit is self contained and there is absolutely no plumbing required, all you need to do is keep the bottom of the bowl topped up to the maximum level with cold tap water every single day.

This fountain can hold up to a maximum of 2 litres which makes it great for a small dog or even up to three cats. The bowls are dishwasher safe which makes your life a little easier and the replacement cartridge will simply slide into place within seconds.

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