Purr and Miaow Is A Natural Grain Free Dry Cat Food

Finding a high quality dry cat food can seem a little daunting as many commercial cat foods claim to be healthy yet if you were to read the ingredients label, it would be far from healthy. Many companies use a range of colourings, additives and binders to produce their cat food which ultimately makes the price cheaper to purchase.

When looking for a high quality cat food keep in mind that you absolutely get what you pay for so if it appears to be cheap then it may be too good to be true.

Purr and Miaow Dry Cat Food

Purr and Miaow are a great company as their philosophies are 

  • Ingredients shouldn’t be hidden- check your labels! The Big Pet Food brands sell cat food pouches that list Meat & Animal Derivatives. You wouldn’t buy a chicken breast that’s 4% Chicken, so why give it to your cat?

  • Cat food should never ever have sugar in! Big Pet Food brands add sugar to their pouches to improve the appearance. We put pet health first so we’ll never add sugar to your cat’s food.

  • All cat food pouches should be recyclable. Did you know we use enough single use plastics to cover the UK 2x over a year. With Purr-cycle you can recycle pouches for just 4p a pouch with our non for profit scheme.

These are some great philosophies to go by and it’s absolutely essential to check the ingredients before you buy. As a general rule, the least ingredients is usually the better choice, but it’s still important to double check.

Their food contains probiotics which are scientifically proven to increase the good amount of bacteria in the gut which results in better digestion, this is perfect for those cats who struggle with digestive issues.

Omega oils are also added for optimal skin and coat benefits.

Instructions are super easy to follow, so as long as you know how much your cat roughly weights, the guide will tell you just how much your cat needs to be fed.

The bags are available in either 400g or 1.5kg.

Purr and Miaow Dry Food Reviews

Verified Amazon User
Verified Amazon User
My ‘sensitive stomach’ cat loves these.
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Bought this for our 7yr old cat who no longer tolerates her usual biscuits. She loved these from the start and, best of all, they don’t make her sick. I will be buying these for her from now on.
Verified Amazon User
Verified Amazon User
Great product.
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Good price for what it is - please don't change that as a lot are too expensive. Both cats seem to like this and they're usually fussy so I purchased a second batch and will probably purchase for as long as its around the same price.
Verified Amazon User
Verified Amazon User
They seem to love it!
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I can't speak personally about the flavour (!)but the cars seem to enjoy it and they haven't got tired of it. I have foundit best to buy small packers of supermarket dry food as they eat it fir a couple of days then won't eat it again. With this food they are still enjoying it every day. Well done!

Overall this product is great and cat owners are saying how good this food is especially for those with sensitive stomachs and digestive issues.

It is an affordable dry cat food that promises to use only high quality ingredients with meat being the biggest percentage used.

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