This Cat Bed Is An Awesome Space Saving Solution

If you have a small house or apartment then you know how much every little helps when it comes to saving space so this book shelf cat bed is going to amaze you and your cat will love it too.

On the other hand if your cat can’t stay away from your shelfs and you want to provide them with a little more comfort while they sleep then this cat shelf is just what you’re looking for.

#2 The Cat Bed That Fits Onto Any Shelf

Your cat can have the comfiest of naps sitting on this super plush cushion which is also removable and suitable for the washing machine too.

The sisal scratching pad is a must have so your cat can sharpen their claws and it may also help to save your furniture from future damage.

It makes the best gift for all felines and the design also fits in with your traditional or modern home decor.


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