A Toothbrush Toy Makes Cleaning Your Dogs Teeth A Doddle

If you have ever attempted to clean your dogs teeth before then you will know what a struggle it can be and all the commotion can put your dog off or even make them scared to have their teeth brushed again.

Thank goodness for toothbrush toys because they can be a real life saver and will make not only your life easier but your dogs too. Your dog will see these as a “normal” toy but as they chew and gnaw the silicone points will help to clean and massage your dogs teeth and gums.

#1 Rocket Sound Toothbrush Toy

If you have a puppy then this super cool rocket toy toothbrush will definitely help to encourage them with the fun squeak noise as they chew on the toy.

This toy is covered in bristles which are beneficial for your dogs teeth and gums, each bristle can help to grind off plaque and massage the gums.

This toy is made from a complete natural rubber which is non-toxic and eco-friendly making it a fantastic choice.

#3 The Dog Tooth Brush

A spot of toothpaste can be put in the top of this toy and as your dog squeezes the toy the toothpaste will gently coat their gums.

This toothbrush dog toy is super easy to clean and comes with a cleaning brush so you can quickly and easily wash it out after every use.

So whatever breed of dog you may have there is a suitable toothbrush toy for them. Cleaning teeth has never been so easy!

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