Keep Track Of Your Pups Progress With This Fun Milestone Board

Whether it’s your first time pup or one of many then it’s always fun to keep a record of your dog’s progress and likes/dislikes.

This cute and adorable chalkboard allows you to write all sorts of details about your dog from  their weight, name and breed, to fun things like what they’ve destroyed and interesting facts such as their likes and dislikes.

This is an exciting way to keep your family and friends updated. You can use different coloured chalks to make this board look funky and creative and you can post a photo of it with your dog sitting next to it so everyone will be able to see how your pooch is doing.

For a bolder look dip the chalk in water before use and to clean the board all you need to do is wipe the chalk off with a damp paper towel.

It also makes a perfect gift for any friend or family member with a brand new puppy as each month they can write down pup-dates and share them with their family and friends. It’s a creative way to remember those precious times and milestones in your pups life.

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