Monitor Your Dogs Activity With This Fitness Device

We’ve all seen devices which can measure and track our health but now there is a special device which you attach to your dogs collar that can tell you just how much exercise they are doing in a day.

The app is user friendly and has been designed with vets so you are getting the best for your pup. Stay healthy with your pooch and have fun while you exercise together, it will also create a close bond as you spend more time with your dog.

#1 Track Your Pets Health

Tracking your pets health has never been so easy and you can make small changes to better their health and lifestyle.

This clever device simply attaches to their collar and accurately measures and displays your dogs daily exercise, rest, distance and also calories. It’s a great device to have especially if you need to keep an eye on your dogs health and help them to shed some pounds.

#2 The Device Easily Fits Onto Your Dogs Collar

You can get personal breed-specific recommendations and your pooch can also win some awesome achievement badges by completing goals that you can set up yourself.

This fits to any collar and harness, it’s super robust and also feather light which means your dog won’t even notice it’s on. It’s completely comfortable and your dog can also swim with this device as it is fully waterproof.

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