The Best Pâté Gift Bundle For Your Dog

Pate makes for a super yummy and tasty treat for your dog and choosing a high quality pate is essential. These luxurious pate’s are made from 100% fresh meat and fish and the vitamins in the pate’s are from organic fruits, vegetables and botanicals.

The carbohydrate in this pate is derived from a small amount of tapioca which is grain free and also gluten free so even sensitive tummies can enjoy this treat.

#1 Pure Pate

This tasty bundle of pate's include 4 of each salmon, lamb and beef.

There are so many ways in which you can use this pate, it's ideal for slicing, dicing, adding as a topper to kibble and using as a training treat.

As the texture is firm you can even use it to fill your dogs Kong toy, it will make a great boredom buster and keep them entertained for hours.

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