The Ultra Supreme Dog Bed

We all like to look after our dogs and one of the best ways we can support them is to provide them with a luxurious pet bed that will help with any aching muscles especially in older dogs or those with health conditions.

This ultra supreme dog bed is available in a variety of colours too so you can choice from pink, grey, gold, red, blue or green.

#1 Ultra Supreme Dog Bed

This supreme pet bed is great as it can be used either indoors out outdoors making it a perfect choice all year round.

The bed has removable and reversible pillows and side walls so one side is made from plush and the other side is a cool polyester material that is suitable for warmer weather.

A non skid base ensures that your dogs bed stays stable as they climb in and out.

It's super easy to clean and is water, urine and also oil resistant, so even if your pet has an accident it can be cleaned up with minimal effort making it a great for hygiene. Most dirt can be vacuumed up from this bed.

It makes a brilliant choice for your precious friend.

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