These Double Sided Pet Grooming Gloves Captures Loose Fur

If your pet doesn’t like it when you use the grooming brush, this doubled sided grooming glove may help to make them feel more comfortable and at ease as you begin to gently stroke their fur.

Grooming your pet on a regular basis will help to maintain a healthy coat and it will greatly reduce the amount of loose hairs that you find on your furniture.

#1 Double Sided Grooming Gloves

This double sided grooming glove will make your life so much easier and it’s also a great massage and relaxing experience for your pet too, it’s a great way to bond.

The full finger design ensures that you can groom those hard to reach areas  and the soft silicone spikes will attract any loose fur.

Not only can you use this double sided grooming glove on your pet, you can use it on your furniture too. It works great for removing fur from your sofa or bed etc. You’ll have a pet hair free home in no time.

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