This Vibrant Dog Water Bottle Comes With 2 Collapsible Pet Bowls

When you’re out and about with your dog, whether you’re trekking fields or taking a trip to the local beach then travelling light is essential. This portable water bottle comes complete with 2 collapsible bowls, so gone are the days of having to travel with chunky bowls and big bottles of water.

This complete set makes it much easier and also more convenient for travel as it simply clips onto the side of your back for quick use. The bowls are made from 100% premium silicone which make them easy to use, clean and foldaway.

#1 Simply Fill, Clip And Go

The fold cap on the water bottle acts as a drinking bowl for your dog so all you need to do is press the water bottle with one hand and watch as the water flows into the cap ready for your dog to drink, then all you do is fold back after your dog has finished.

The top rotating buckle is designed to ensure that no water will leak so you can feel safe putting this set into your backpack.

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