Your Pup Won’t Want To Leave This Unique Round Dog Bed

If you love to buy things that are a little different to everybody else then you’re going to fall in love with this jumbo, round dog bed.

Forget the average rectangle shaped dog bed, your pup needs something unique and this round sofa dog bed is not only stylish, it provides your dog with orthopedic support too.

Did you know that your four legged friend actually spends more than half of their life sleeping?! That’s a whole lot of sleeping, so you want to ensure that you provide them with some serious comfort.

#1 Round Dog Bed

This round shaped orthopaedic dog bed is great for all dogs but especially beneficial for those with arthritis or joint and muscle issues as it supports their weight which helps to relieve any joint or muscle pressure.

A double layer protection is ideal for those pups who tend to have little accidents here and there as the sleeping surface has a waterproof inner cover which are fully removable so you can clean and wash when needed.

#2 The Comfiest Round Dog bed

An anti slip bottom gives you peace of mind as your dog climbs in and out of bed and prevents any slipping which could cause injury to your pet especially those older pups.

The unique round shape allows your dog to freely stretch out and sleep in all sorts of comfortable positions and the bolsters that surround the bed make sure that your dog doesn’t fall off the bed.

It’s the perfect gift for that special pup in your life and is suitable for any room in your house.

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