The Beautiful biOrb Life 60 Aquarium 

This beautiful biOrb life 60 aquarium is carefully designed and constructed out of an acrylic that is actually 10 times stronger than glass, it’s 50% lighter and has an outstanding 93% transparency rating. The setting up process for the biOrb has been described as effortless which makes it perfect for first timers as well as those who are advanced in aquariums. If you are looking for an underwater masterpiece to show off in your home then the biOrb will definitely not disappoint.
biOrb is a popular company and known for their expertly crafted and superior aquariums. They create aquariums so beautiful that they actually pass off for a design object which makes it a very popular choice so if you are looking for something stylish and modern then the biOrb life 60 aquarium will be a great choice. 
The biOrb tank has a true 5 stage filtration process which leaves your water clean and fresh at all times. The 5 stage process includes biological, mechanical, chemical, water stabilisation and also oxygenation. Any excess waste from the tank is collected and held in a filter cartridge which is as the base of the biOrb. To maintain the aquarium simply change the filter cartridge every four weeks and also change a third of the water.
At night this tank really comes to life when you can control the lighting with the remote that can be lit by any of the sixteen pre-set colours, so whatever mood you’re in you will be able to find the perfect lighting for you and your family.

The tank comes in a choice of clear, black or white. No matter what you choose it’s going to look great in any room of your home and at night time it will bring a magical underwater vibe.

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