SmartScrim: Magnet Therapy Therapeutic Blanket Can Help Your Horses Pain And Soreness

The SmartScrim is a fantastic invention, it is an equine blanket like no other. It is in fact a therapeutic equine blanket that provides amazing benefits for your horse.
The blanket has been constructed with the highest quality far-infrared-infused mesh plus 84 medical grade magnets are added and act as magnet therapy and these are positioned at very important acupressure points for the back, shoulders and hip areas. These are the areas that require the most TLC.

SmartScrim Therapeutic Mesh Sheet

The unique fabric which is infused with the far-infrared nanoparticles will emit wavelengths that have been clinically proven to stimulate blood circulation, reduce inflammation and increase oxygen flow around the body.

Your horse will immensely benefit from this and you will definitely be able to notice a different in their overall performance.

This mesh sheet can be used before riding to help warm up the horses muscles and it also helps to get some good blood supply circulating around their body which will enhance performance and can prevent any injuries.

The horse may feel much more relaxed and loose which will enable them to perform at their best and it can be used after a training session too.

The SmartScrim is made from a mesh material that is perfect for use in all weather conditions even the hottest of days. It is durable and will certainly stand the test of time.
If you need to wash the SmartScrim it is completely safe for machine washing.
Verified Amazon User
Verified Amazon User
Beat the heat!
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Absolutely love this product! I have “put it through the ringer” per say for the past 5 years of owning it!!!! I live in The Deep South Texas and love that I can put this on my mare any day or night and not have to worry about heat being a problem. I put it on also after every workout, even if I rinse her off. It helps a lot with keeping the muscles relaxed and prepping before a barrel race or rodeo. In the trailer, stall I have never had any issues with this product and still use it to it’s full potential.
Verified Amazon User
Verified Amazon User
100% recommend!
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I absolutely love these products! They have made my horses feel and perform so much better from wearing these sheets! They even wear them in the trailer for hauling and they feel their absolute best when we ride, no matter how long! It keeps my older mare (pictured) acting and feeling like she is a young spring chicken even giving lessons every week and hauling anyone who wants to ride! I can't love these products enough!
Verified Amazon User
Verified Amazon User
Love love this sheet!
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Love my benefab therapeutic mesh sheet!! Infact I bought one for all 4 of our horses! I love how light weight they are so they can be used during the hot summer when we are barrel racing the most! Our horses love them too! They are all relaxed and have less soreness throughout their bodies. Highly recommend any of these products made by Benefab!

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