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Spacious Cages For Your Pet Budgie

When shopping for a cage for your pet budgie it’s important to make sure that it’s spacious and comfy enough for them and also convenient for you to clean.

The trouble is there is so much choice out there it can be a little overwhelming choosing the best one for your bird.

An ideal bird cage should be large enough to house your bird comfortably, it should be made from safe non-toxic material and should be durable with plenty of room to add perches, swings, toys and food bowls.

To make life easier for the owner a cage should be easy to clean, a removable drawer at the bottom of the cage will help you to save time on the cleaning process.

This list of budgie cages below all have different qualities and features so you will be inspired to pick the best for your bird.

#1 Large Metal Bird Cage for Budgie

This cage is suitable for any type of small bird and is available in a choice of black or white so whatever your decor you will find a cage to suit your style.

Your budgie will be happy in this cage that includes 1 swing, 3 perches, 4 feeding bowls, 2 doors and pull out cleaning tray.

This cage will arrived flat packed in cardboard box but don't worry as instructions are included.

#4 Vision Cage/ Home for Birds

If you're looking for a modern/spacious home for your bird then this cage definitely ticks all of the boxes.

These stylish cages have been designed wth the owner and bird in mind. They are made using the latest manufacturing processes which are all made of low-carbon, rust resistant wire with a lead and zinc safe paint.

A double front door allows easy access for you and your bird and the multi grip perches have a wavy pattern with varying diameters which promotes good blood circulation for your bird. 

#5 Milo & Misty 2 Tier Large Metal Aviary Bird Cage for Budgies

This large budgie cage provides a spacious home for your bird/s. The wire is coated in a tough black non-toxic coat which means that it’s safe for your budgies, even if they decide to chew on the wires.

The large slide out drawer allows you to clean the cage conveniently and quickly and as the cage is on castors you can move it and clean any spillages that have fallen on the floor.

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