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The Pet Hair Removal Glove That Boosts Circulation

If you’re always finding those pesky pet hairs around your home then we know how frustrating it is, but you can help your pet hair shedding with this pet hair removal glove. Simply put on the gloves and stroke your pet (which I’m sure they will love) and at the same time any loose fur is caught in the soft silicone tips which makes it a great idea for those pets who may fear a brush.

To use these gloves simply pop them on and gently stroke your pet to remove the loose fur then remove the unwanted hair and place it in the bin.

#1 Pet Shedding Gloves

The five finger design helps you to reach those harder places that a brush wouldn’t like tail and around the face and ears. You will notice after grooming your pet that their fur is softer and also looks healthier.

If you have a long haired or short haired pet these gloves will suit your pet, you can even use these gloves on rabbits, horses and other pets.

#2 Remove Fur The Hassle Free Way

For a deeper clean use these grooming gloves at bath time to gently massage your pet to remove dirt, debris and any fur. They will be all squeaky clean and the soft silicone tips will also help to promote blood circulation making your pet feel all refreshed.

An eco-friendly silicone material ensures that these gloves are completely safe for both you and your pet and the adjustable wrist size allows anyone to have a go so you can get the family involved. When the gloves get dirty simply wash them in warm soapy water and let them dry all ready for the next time.

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