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These Anxiety Vests Might Just Help To Calm Your Anxious Dog

Anxiety vests have proven to be pretty successful in many cases of anxious dogs. The wrap around vest provides comfort for your dog by gently pressing on various pressure points which allows your pup to feel safe and secure, similar to swaddling a baby. 

Many vets may offer meds but the best thing about the anxiety vest is that there are no drugs used which makes it a very effective treatment for any dog of any age or breed. It’s also a one off purchase so you won’t need to splash the cash over and over again.

Just like humans, anxiety effects each dog very differently, some may be scared of visitors, others may be anxious during car rides or your dog may be terrified of being left alone. The great thing is that the product is easy to use, which is a bonus for elderly or less abled people.

You don’t have to force your dogs head or paws through any holes so they won’t feel threatened or scared as you put the vest on. 

1. Vivaglory Anxiety Shirt with Stress Relief and Anti-Anxiety Effect for Dogs

This lightweight & breathable dog anxiety vest is made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester with spandex, which makes for a very comfortable fit.

Don't worry about it getting dirty as this vest is machine washable.

The material is stretchy and the adjustable closure ensures that you can provide your dog with a comfortable yet snug fit.

2. Thundershirt Anxiety Coat for Dog

This popular Thundershirt anxiety vest has over 1300 reviews from some very happy pooches and owners.

The constant yet gentle pressure of the anxiety vests helps to relax your dog whether they are anxious about thunderstorms, car rides, separation, noises and many more anxiety related problems.

3. Zendog Anxiety Shirt

This lightweight and breathable anxiety vest from Zen dog is the ultimate way to help keep your dog calm.

Double the effect as this vest comes with an aromatherapy pocket so you can use some dog safe essential oils to further the calming effect.

4. Karma Wrap Anxiety Vest

How about a Karma wrap for your anxious dog, it's just like a big hug.

The lightweight vest is breathable and easy to fit. It's also water resistant, antibacterial and machine washable.

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