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This Plush Donut Pet Bed Is Seriously Comfy

Pets love to take snoozes and the comfier the place the better the nap. This donut shaped pet allows your pet to curl up and get some precious sleep.

This plush pet bed is super soft and extra comfy which is made from a 4cm plush. It is available in a variety of colours so you can choose from pink, brown, grey, dark grey and white.

#1 A Soft Plush Pet Bed

The non slip bottom allows you to place this bed on any floor and your pet can climb onto this bed without sliding making it suitable for older pets too.

During the colder months this pet bed is going to be the cosiest place your pet will want to snuggle up on, the donut shape will give your pet a sense of security when they are all cuddled up in the hole.

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