Top 10 Pusheen Gifts That Cat Lovers Will Go Crazy For

We all know and love that cute little kitty named Pusheen. There’s no better present than an adorable Pusheen gift, choose from mugs, plush toys and even colouring books. 

Whether you are in need of a present for your friend or a little Pusheen treat for yourself there’s so many cute gifts you won’t know which one to choose first.

#1 Pusheen Plush Toy

It's not just the kids who will love this cute plush, adults are going to adore this cookie eating Pusheen plush toy.

#2 Pusheen’s Weekly Planner

It's time to get organised with a little help from Pusheen and what better way than doing so than with this cute planner.

Write down your weekly to do's and cross them off once you're done, the whole family can get involved too.

#3 Pusheen Snack Box Set

If you love to keep snacks in boxes all neat and tidy then these Pusheen snack boxes are the perfect gift for you.

You can store your favourite treats in these boxes and pop them in your handbag for a secret stash.

#4 Pusheen Beaker With Straw

We all know how important it is to drink that water and now you can take it wherever you go.

This Pusheen Beaker is perfect for keeping out bugs and pests.

#5 Pusheen Backpack

With all round great reviews this Pusheen backpack will go down a treat with your kids.

It makes a great school backpack and leaves plenty of room for those important snacks and drinks too.

#6 Pusheen Pencil Case

What better way to keep your pens and pencils organised than with this adorable Pusheen pencil case.

It would also make an awesome makeup case.

#7 Pusheen Coasters

It's time to jazz up that coffee table with these super cute Pusheen coasters. Your guests will love them.

#8 Pusheen Trinket

Keep all of your bits and bobs in one place with this trinket tray, it's great for loose change, jewellery or any other random pieces that you may find.

#9 Pusheen Coloring Book

Coloring is totally relaxing and it's a great de-stress for children and adults too. 

Break away from the day and go into your own little world with this awesome colouring book.

#10 Pusheen Cross Body Bag

It's time to jazz up your outfit with this awesome Pusheen cross body bag.

Perfect for those outings when you don't need a large handbag.

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