Top 10 Toys To Entertain Your Small Pet

Your small pet has natural instincts to climb, chew gnaw and nibble so we need to make sure that they have an abundance of different toys to play with to prevent them getting bored.

You can make a paradise for your pet, whether you have a gerbil, rabbit, chinchilla or hamster, all of these toys will entertain your pet for hours on end and you will enjoy watching them explore their treats.

Your small pet still needs to exercise daily to keep them fit and healthy so it’s important to choose a variety of toys to promote climbing. It’s also vital that your small pet has something to chew on as it helps to keep their teeth nice and trimmed otherwise they can get too long which can cause health issues.

Rosewood Naturals Trio of Fun Balls Medium

These play balls are great choice for your pet and are made from completely natural materials including seagrass, water hyacinth and rattan.

Your pet will be able to climb over, chase these balls and have a good gnaw at them too.

Rosewood Tubes

The brightly coloured chew tubes are made from pet-safe vegetable parchment making it a natural and safe choice for your pet.

Whether you have a hamster, rat or guinea pig all animals will enjoy gnawing at these tubes, you will find that your pet will love to sleep in these tubes too.

Happy Pet Wheely Mineral – Essential Nutrients

These mineral wheels have been a popular choice for years and are a top favourite amongst small pet owners.

Simply place a wheel in the yellow holder and clip it onto the cage, your pet can then come and go as they please nibbling at the wheel. It's an excellent source of salt and trace minerals that are essential for them.

Kerbl Native Snacks Herb Man

This native stick man is going to be a great hit with your critter. He's totally edible and made from a selection of herbs, petals, vegetables and grain, and has no additional sugar, flavourings or colourants.

Rosewood Floral Hanging Basket

This floral hanging basket isn't just a pretty decoration for your critters cage, its an excellent boredom buster too, watch as your pet chews and climbs over this floral arrangement.

It's made from natural ingredients so is completely safe for your pet.

Rosewood Naturals Willow Treat Basket

Your pet is going to adore this treat basket which is full of natural and yummy goodies that is beneficial for their little tummies.

The unique treat selection will keep your critter entertained for hours.

Ingredients include cereals, vegetables, vegetable by-products, meadow hay, seeds, fruits, nuts, egg and egg products.

Trixie Cuddly Castle for Hamsters & Mice

Small animals love to hide in spaces which makes them feel cosy and secure.

This hanging castle is great as it helps to encourage your pet to climb and they have a comfortable place to sleep to.

Rosewood Activity Suspension Bridge

This suspension bridge is fantastic for your little one as it encourages your pet to climb and explore.

It is also safe for them to chew and gnaw at as it's made from non toxic and natural materials.

Rosewood Bunny Fun Tree

This fun bunny tree will have your pet going wild exploring the dangling carrots and they will love to gnaw on the natural sisal which is made from corn and wood.

It's a great way to challenge your pet.

Super Pet Comfort Wheel Large

A pet wheel has to be the ultimate way of encouraging your pet to exercise.

Did you know that hamsters can run for up to 2 miles in the night?

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