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Top 5 Pools To Keep Your Dog Cool

Summer has arrived and what better way to keep your pooch happy and cool during those hot and sticky days than with a doggy paddling pool to soak their paws in.

These pools are also great for giving your dog a bath which means less mess in your bathroom, especially if your pup isn’t keen on baths and tries to scramble out when you put them in the tub.

Older dogs can have fun and benefit from using a paddling pool too as it can take any pressure of their joints.

Simply watch your dog splash around and join in the family fun on a hot summers day!

Collapsible Pet Swimming Pool

This sizeable pool is perfect for those hot summer days when your pooch is in need of cooling down. It's made of safe PVC and Natural Wood with well sealed corners making it a great choice.

The great thing about this pool is that it's easy to fold away thanks to the collapsible sides which means storing and travelling with this pool is easy.

No inflation needed and the bottom drain allows you to quickly empty the pool.

Forever Speed Dog Pool

This dog pool is available in 2 sizes, so whether you have a large or small pooch this makes a great choice.

We are all aware of the environment and how important it is to choose eco friendly products so this pool will tick that box as it is made using eco friendly material.

Travelling and storing is made easy as this pool quickly and effortlessly folds away, so gone are the days of trying to push every last bit of air out of that inflatable swimming pool.

Foldable Pet Dogs Swimming Pool

This foldable dog pool has great reviews from happy customers and their pups.

It is made from MDF P2 plate and a high-quality PVC compound cloth material that is cold resistant and also offers UV protection.

A 1.3 inch draining plug on the side of the pool allows for super quick drainage which will definitely save you time.

All in all this dog swimming pool is a popular choice and is easy to use, just what you need on that hot day.

Toozey Dog Pool

When buying a pool for your dog you want to make sure that it's safe and also non toxic and this one definitely checks those boxes.

The sturdy and non slip bottom means you can feel confident about your dog and also children hopping into this pool. Safety first.

Simply take the pool out of the bag, unfold it and fill with water, it's as easy as that.

Rectangular Pool

If you are one of the lucky ones with a big garden you can always opt for a larger pool like this one where the whole family can join in the fun.

It holds 439 gallons of water which is 1662 Litres, your dog is going to LOVE you.

This pool is made from a 3 ply puncture resistant material and has a zinc-plated and powder-coated frame design.

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