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Top Quality Hay That Your Small Pet Deserves

Did you know that Vets reccommend that Hay makes up 80% of your small pets diet? So this means that it’s essential that they have access to a decent quality hay 24/7.

Timothy Hay is the absolute staple of food for your small pets whether you have a guinea pig, chinchilla or rabbit this is a top quality hay. Timothy Hay is a small business that really cares about animals and pride themselves in doing a better job than the big guys.

#1 Timothy Hay First Cutting

There is nothing better than giving your small pet some quality cuttings that is high in fibre and has more flower heads than any other cutting. This will help to promote better digestion and support their overall health.

The cuttings are delivered fresh and thats a guarantee, every ounce of the hay is actually from the current crop year so your pet is getting the best.

The First Cut Hay is has nutritional values that are perfect for small animals, it has a higher fibre content and also a lower protein and fat content.

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