Transport Your Pet In Style With These Trendy Carriers

Do you still want to look stylish when going to the vet or transporting your pet? Well these pet carriers might just turn heads.

As well as being stylish these pet carriers put your pets comfort first, plus some have added features to make them more appealing. Take a look and see which one you like best.

#1 Trixie Pet Carrier For Cats Small Dogs Or Rabbits

If you're on a budget, like the colour purple and easy clean carriers then this pet carrier ticks all of your boxes.

It has a holder for car seat belts which makes transportation safer and also plenty of vent holes to allow a good supply of fresh air for your pet.

#2 Expandable Dog Cat Travel Pet Carrier

This luxurious pet carrier has been airline approved and holds pets up to 12 pounds, the integrated travel loops allow you to safely buckle your pet in the car.

The washable fleece mat and expandable sides will ensure maximum comfort for your pet whilst travelling.

#3 Curver Carrier

This small pet carrier is cute, stylish and very easy to clean. There are plenty of air holes which your pet can see out of so they don't feel too closed in.

The reviews of this trendy pet carrier are excellent.

#4 Petsfit Fabric Foldable Pet Carrier

This pet carrier is perfect, especially if you need to carry other things at the same time. If you need to walk a long distance this would be the best option compared to a carrier with a handle.

As your pets safety is priority this spacious carrier is equipped with a safety belt inside. Your pet can enjoy the view from the sturdy mesh windows.

#5 TRIXIE 2871 Cat Basket

If you prefer a more classy pet carrier then this one is the one for you (and your pet).

It's safe, secure and your pet has a great viewing spot from the wide bars on the door.

#6 Andrew James Pet Carrier

This pet carrier is study and secure which makes it ideal for trips and vet visits.

The best thing is that privacy blinds can be rolled down to stop any distractions if your pet needs a nap.

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