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Wall Mounted Cat Bed: The Most Awesome Cat Bed You've Seen

If you have a passion for unique and quirky cat products then this wall mounted cat bed is going to be at the top of your list of cool stuff to buy.

Your guests reactions are going to be priceless when they see your cat fast asleep in a very cosy wall mounted bed.

Your cat will be able to keep an eye on things whilst taking it easy in the comfy pod, so whether your cooking or watching tv your friend will always be there watching you.

Wall Mounted Cat Bubble Bed

If you have a nosey cat that loves to be high up and able to observe their surroundings they are going to love this cat bed. You have the option of choosing if you want a left or right opening pod depending on the arrangement of your room.

Your guests will think they have walked into the zoo when they see this wall mounted bed in your living room. We're pretty sure you won't be watching much tv with this pod on the wall, you'll be too amused watching your cat instead.

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