Blagdon Affinity Grand Corner Living Feature Pool

If you are a huge fan of outdoor fish then you are going to fall in love with this affinity corner feature pool. It makes such a great feature for your garden and everyone will be commenting on how amazing it looks.

You can sit and enjoy watching your fish as they swim past the rounded windows. This is also a clever feature of the pool as it allows you to take a closer look at the health of your fish and spot any potential problems such as diseases etc.

You can enjoy the wonderful sight and sound of your aquatic life all year round as this kit includes an automatic LED spotlight so you can enjoy this pool at night too.

#1 Affinity Corner Pool

This stylish outdoor pool is one of a kind and your neighbours will have never seen anything like this before and the great thing about this pool is that it is easy to set up and also maintain so you can focus more on your treasured fish.

The shatter proof windows have attractive mocha weave panels to make it stand out and gives it a luxurious style which will suit any garden.

Whether you place this tank on your patio or at the bottom of the garden, this high end affinity pool is going to be your new pride and joy.

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