Top 10 Wildlife Homes For Your Garden

Inviting the local wildlife into your garden can have so many benefits for you and your family, especially the kids. Fields and woodlands are being used to build new houses more than ever, which means that unfortunately, the wildlife is suffering as it’s hard for them to find a safe place to hide out.

All wildlife need four things to survive and live their best life which are, shelter, water, food and somewhere safe to breed. Whether you have a small or large garden you can help out by providing safe spots with suitable housing for them to make a home.

Whether you want to attract worms, birds, bees or butterflies then you will find the right creature housing for you. From porcelain frog shelters to wooden hedgehog houses the list goes on and on.

Your kids are absolutely going to love getting in touch with nature and spotting the different creatures in their garden. You can also encourage them to get creative making the area pretty by making signs, painting rocks and arranging sticks and stones for their new creature friends.

#1 The Natural Wood Bug Hotel

This popular bug hotel is not only eye catching for the wildlife but for you too. The decorative design is perfect for those who want to attract a host of insects from ladybugs, butterflies, bees and much much more.

This offers all insects a safe place to stay and breed. Bees are going to love the wooden tubes as they use them for nesting purposes.

If you are after a 100% natural bug house then this is definitely the one for you as no treatment has been used making it a safe option.

It can stand freely or be hung up in a desired spot.

#2 The Ultimate Ladybird Tower

All children love ladybirds, they are unique, cute and friendly. This ladybird tower is suitable for even the smallest of gardens and it will attract plenty of these pretty bugs. It comes complete with a pole/spike so placing this tower in your garden is going to be effortless.

It’s made from a naturally durable timber which is going to last through the cold winters and hot summer months.

#3 Hedgehog House

It’s important to provide protection for hedgehogs as they are at risk of foxes etc capturing them and this cute little hedgehog house complete with a small door is going to protect them from the dangers.

Simply place this house in a sheltered and quiet place in your garden and cover with leaves, then wait for your friend to make themselves right at home. It’s a great option to keep them safe and warm.

#4 The Bee House

As a nation we need to desperately save the bees and this eye catching bee house is going to attract some fuzzy friends into your garden. It provides them with a safe and secure spot for them to hide out and nest.

It is specially designed to attract only solitary bees which are non aggressive and do not swarm unlike other types of bees making it safe to be around your family, especially the children.

It can be easily dismantled so you can see the clever formation of small cells in which the eggs are laid, a great educational treat for your kids too.

#5 Ceramic Frog House

This may look like something that belongs in your kitchen cupboards but this ceramic frogilo is going to attract frogs and toads to hide out in your garden.

It is made from a high fired ceramic which makes it easy to keep clean and keeps it durable.

The open base allows the frogs to regain moisture from the ground so they are able to cool down during the hottest of summer days.

#6 Large Insect Bug Hotel

This impressive wooden house is going to attract all sorts of interesting bugs and insects to come and hide out. It comes complete with a ground spike so you can either plant this in the ground or alternatively you can hang it up in your favourite spot.

You will be amazed at the variety of insects that come into this wooden hotel. You don’t need to worry about food either as the insects will feast on pests, pollen, bushes and trees in the nearby area so all you need to do is observe.

#7 Dew Drop Butterfly House

This stylish dew drop butterfly house is made from an FSC certified timber making it 100% for the wildlife. It’s super easy to install, simply hang it from your favourite spot, then sit back and relax as you wait for your first lodgers.

It’s eye catching yet simple design is suitable for any garden and will blend in very well with the nature in your garden.

#9 The Bird House

This realistic bird house is cute and also beneficial for the birds in your garden as it provides them with a safe area to nest making it an essential accessory for helping small wild birds in your area.

Kids will love watching the small birds as they come and set up a home in this lovely wooden house. Put it in a secure spot in your garden and see how long it takes until you get the first visitor.

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