Top 5 Instant Ponds To Create A Wildlife Retreat In Your Garden

Instant ponds are a fantastic idea for those who are looking to create a wildlife pond retreat but don’t have much time on their hands. They are just as the name suggests, you simply dig out a hole in your garden and place the pond in, within minutes you have a brand new feature in your garden and there is no need for liners.

Ponds come in all sorts of shapes and sizes so no matter the size of your garden or your intentions then you will be sure to find the perfect one for your needs.

You can create a home fit for all sorts of wildlife from frogs to butterflies and worms to birds you may be surprised at who comes to visit or set up a home.

#1 Bermuda Sand Pre Formed Pond

This instant Bermuda sand pre formed pond holds a generous 120 litres of water and is made from a tough high density polyethylene, it also comes with a 20 year guarantee.

Simply dig out a hole and place the pond into the ground, within a matter of minutes your new creation is ready to get started on. Involve the whole family and make a check list of different creatures for the kids to spot.

#3 Square Water Garden

This square instant pond will give your garden a unique and modern style. To create your water garden, simply dig a hole, place the pond in and fill with water and plants.

It’s extremely sturdy and able to withstand extreme loads such as gravel and stones. It makes an ideal little home for any local wildlife who are looking for the perfect place to live.

#4 Instant Pre Formed Pond

This pre formed pond comes with moulded plant shelves and escape routes for your wildlife so they can easily enter and exit at their own pace.

It is made from a very sturdy and tough polythylene and will withstand harsh winters and hot summers and will last you for years on end.

Welcome the wildlife into your garden and let them know there is a safe and secure home for them to set up in.

#5 Tidal Pre Formed Start Pond

If you are new and curious about setting up a pond in your garden for the wildlife then this starter pond is going to make your life very easy when it comes to installing it.

It’s made from a very strong and durable plastic that will stand the test of time.

During the day you may notice birds bathe in this little pond and by night animals such as hedgehogs may come for a drink.

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