Top 5 Wildlife Cameras For Your Garden

Keeping an eye on the wildlife in your garden has never been easier. Let’s face it, when you see that hedgehog walking across your lawn it’s hard to keep discreet as you slowly walk out to get a closer look and it’s almost impossible for your kids to creep quietly and remain silent.

Wildlife cameras make an excellent choice for your garden as you are able to check up on your wildlife hot spots at anytime of the day all from the comfort of your home and the best thing is you won’t disturb or scare any creatures.

These cameras offer fantastic quality so you can clearly see what is going on and who exactly is visiting your garden. You can even place these cameras in nesting boxes which enable you to see some special footage of the wildlife nesting which you wouldn’t be able to do as well if you walked up to the area.

You might even be surprised and shocked at the visitors your garden welcomes. Kids are going to love tuning into these cameras and it really gets them interested in nature.

#1 Alfa View Trail Camera

This waterproof camouflage camera enables you to capture every breathtaking moment of wildlife in your garden in a high performance 16 megapixel resolution. It will provide high quality details and brightly coloured photo’s during the day and black and white images at night. It’s so easy to set up and use that the whole family can get involved.

The 1080P HD video is also high quality with very clear sound so you will be able to hear the faintest of snuffles.

Once motion is detected (up to an astonishing 20m) the camera will be triggered instantly in 0.2s without delay so you will never miss a magical moment. Choose from interval recording, time-lapse, motion detection and timer shot.

#2 Crenova 20MP Wildlife Garden Camera

This wildlife camera takes amazing 20MP pictures and also records 1080P HD videos so you can watch back and see every rich detail. The wide PIR angle offers a 120° detection of up to an amazing 65ft.

It’s a popular option for those who love to shoot pictures at night time as this offers the greatest night vision performance which creates clear and sharp pictures all round.

Never miss a moment with this 0.2s trigger timer, it absolutely brings you the best experience from the comfort of your home. The longer service life makes this camera the perfect gift as it means you can focus more on capturing great photo’s instead of worrying about charging it up.

#3 Victure Wildlife Camera

With fantastic reviews this wildlife camera with infrared technology makes it clear to see why this is a popular choice for wildlife enthusiasts.

This camouflage wildlife camera has infrared low-glow LED’s so it won’t produce a bright light which is essential because any sudden bright lights could scare an animal and they may be wary of coming back.

The amazing 0.5 seconds trigger speed captures movements straight away so you won’t miss any special images. Choose from various recording modes such as intervals, time-lapse, timer, password protection and time stamp.

#4 Apeman Garden Camera

Hide this camera in your garden to see a variety of animals visit your garden, you never know you may even spot some regulars.

This high definition camera captures crystal clear images at 20MP during the day and in black and white during the night so you will never miss a moment. The recording is perfectly clear with a noise-free sound so you can capture the best videos.

There is no need to worry about the weather as this camera has a 60mm thick waterproof casing that can withstand temerpatures from -20 °C to 40 °C making it perfect for taking out and about and even camping.

#5 Wildlife Camera 14MP

This affordable wildlife camera is a perfect option for those who are interested in seeing what wildlife comes into their garden day and night.The no glow night vision trail camera ensures that you can get great images without scaring wild animals away with any sudden bright lights.

Equipped with the latest CMOS sensor, this quality camera will capture colourful 14MP images and clear 1080P videos.

So whether you’re starting out or looking for a gift for a keen wildlife enthusiast there’s a camera out there to suit everyones lifestyle.

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