ZAP IT! The Eco Friendly Rechargeable Bug Zapper

During the summer months, flies, wasps and mosquitos can be a darn right pest and it’s also a concern for those who have allergic reactions to stings.

The ZAP IT racket is the rechargeable bug swatter that is going to be your new best friend. A lot of people tend to use killer spray which might work at the time but did the know that the fumes and chemicals can seriously be harmful for our health?

This racket is involves absolutely no chemicals or toxic substances at all, in fact all it needs is power! The electric current will instantly zap whatever flying pest is following you.

#1 The Electric Bug Racket

Get rid of those bugs in an instant and keep you and your family safe while at home and while out, it's a fantastic device for those camping trips.

A single swing holds a powerful 4000 volt grid that instantly kills.

Simply charge this racket up and away you go. You can even sleep with it by your bed as this zapper has a super bright LED light making it perfect for night time use as well.

A triple layer mesh design will protect your fingers too so there's no need to worry about accidentally zapping yourself.

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