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You Can Now Create Your Own Ant Farm From Home

Many people are scared of ants but these little creatures are actually fascinating to watch and you can now create your own (secure and safe) ant farm from home! This ant farm has fantastic reviews from very happy customers of all ages.

If you love ants yourself or you have kids that can’t get enough of being outdoors and watching creatures then this is going to be a big hit with them. Watch these tiny creatures hard at work and see just how they live and make their tunnels, you can spend hours in awe at these intelligent creatures.

#1 T Shaped Ant Farm

This ant farm is in the form of a T shape which is made from quality acrylic so you can watch the ants hard at work and be amazed at how they burrow down. The top part is used to put food in for the ants and also a dump for them. The lateral hole on the side allows for another ant farm to be connected.

Cleaning this ant farm is so easy, simply use soapy water and dry down with a clean cloth ready for use again.

#2 Ant Farm Kit

Sand and stone granules are included as well as 10 grams of protein syrup so your little guys will be well fed.

The ants are safely placed into a secure test tube with food and water and are ready to be put into the farm once you have set it up.

You and your family won't be able to resist a peek every time you walk past.

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